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,"GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" Oz woke up in the middle of the night to hear Gil screaming. ,"GIL!" He yelled then opened the door Gil was sitting against the wall his head laying down onto his knees. Oz stared at Gil and to his surprise there was a cat 'haha really gil?' Oz quickly picked up the cat and released her out the door. Gil was sitting there sobbing. Oz smiled then walked over ,"Gil are you alright?" Gil looked up his teary,golden eyes staring up at Oz. Oz blushed then reached out his hand and moved the hair out of Gils face,"hm?" Oz question. Gil blushed a bit then smiled a very teary smile ," mm, Im fine." Oz blushed deeper 'that reminds me of when we were both younger' Oz smiled then walked away. Gil stared at his young master go 'no dont go the reason i screamed so loud was to get your attention' Gil pouted. After Oz left he realized how lonely it was. He wanted to touch Oz's hair and stare into those deep green eyes. Gil blushed at the thought then just put his head back between his legs ' what if he had stayed what would've happened...?' Gil blushed about what could've happened ' gyah this happens all the time gotta stop my dreaming and look toward reality he'll end up with alice sooner or later sadly maybe there's a way to make Oz jealous' Gil thought no he couldnt do that that'd be horrible but if it was what he had to do to get his entire attention he would....maybe he should. Gil decided to try it out.
,"Good morning sharon-chan" Gil smiled ,"oh... morning gil" Sharon smiled back ,"care for some tea?" Sharon asked ,"why sure!" Gil smiled 'okay look cool see if she'll catch on' Gil sipped his tea ,"soooo... sharon how is the...uhm... research going" Gil asked 'crap this isn't going well' ,"Oh it's fine thank you for the concern Gil-san" she smiled. She had a nice smile but nothing compared to Oz's ' alright oz wakes up about now gotta start the flirting part... god this is gonna be humiliating' Gil put his hand under Sharon's chin ,"so..." he leaned in closer 'crap! what is he doing!' ,"GIL WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO SHARON-CHAN" Break was furious his hand crossed 'oh geez' Sharon was blushing with either embarassment or angst. Oz ran down stairs ,"what's wrong" he asked concerned. there it was again that feeling that beautiful blonde hair that made his heart pound rapidly, and those green eyes that always showed some kind of positivity. Oz blushed at what he saw 'what is Gil doing? Since when did he like Sharon- Chan' Gil let go of Sharons chin. Break glared at him as he watched Gil walk away. Oz was hurt ' how could he do that.' Oz thought ," Milady are you alright?" Break was asking concerned. Oz thought that this was way too wierd so he walked over to Gil's room.
gil blushed 'gah i knew it was a bad idea! Oz and Break, and most likely Sharon hate me now what was i thinking that didnt work at all' Oz opened the door slightly ,"Gil-chan?" Oz asked as he opened the door. gil blushed 'Gil...-chan? gah he was so cute he had to explain' Gil looked at him his face all red you could tell he was shameful. Oz blushed ," look Gil why... why did you kiss sharon-san?" Gil smiled 'maybe it worked...' Gil  looked at Oz ,"Young master... im sorry i did this because I did it to make you jealous" Gil mumbled the last part well blushing. Oz heard what he had said and smiled ," alright then but you owe me one thing for doing what you did!" Gil looked up ,"hm?" he question. Oz smiled and put his finger up to his lips ," A kiss!" he said winking
Gil blushed 'waaaaaah?' Gil didn't deny that he wanted to kiss Oz his lips were so soft and 'gah thinking about this must make me look like a tomato' Oz noticed Gil turn red ,"heh im serious or else i wont forgive you" Oz ran over to Gil and put his finger on Gils lips ,"please?" Gil got redder (if that was even possible at this point) ,"O-okay....." Gil mumbled Oz brushed gil's hair out of the way then kissed Gil on the forehead just to bother Gil 'ha! this will be fun' Gil looked disappointed ,"what you really thought on the lips you pervert " Oz smiled. Gil was ashamed 'gah why is he doing this...' Gil turned away but felt a hand turn his head towards Ozs face 'gah! it's gonna happen?' He felt Oz's kiss and Oz's hand placed on his chest ,"thank you!" Oz smiled then walked out  to see Break worried and distressed and Sharon blushing and repeating ," I'm fine!" It was wierd to see Break that way and when he saw Break lean in to kiss Sharon He walked away 'er... i think ill go back to Gil now' he thought 'it was gonna happen eventually
The End ~
hee hee ;P i cant help it im really getting into this fan fic thing wrote 3 fan fics all in one day my second one is kinda crap tho so I'll work on that so for now enjoi!!!!
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alexhodges654 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
break- :pissdoff:
CAKEcakeCAKEcake Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012

anikiani Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
Aw, I bet tomato Gil is still cute. :love:
And I love the ending with Sharon and Break. :XD:
Emothatsme42 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sooo cute!
MsMikaSnow Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
thank you!!!! lol Gilbert is my favorite character too x3
Emothatsme42 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i know right
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aw this is so cute XD
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