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June 10, 2010
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,"Young Master! please come back we need to get to the mansion now!" Gil complained ,"oh come on Gil just a little longer anyway don't you want to play with me?" Oz asked then smiled Gil sighed ,"alright but young-" Oz put his finger on Gils lip and stopped him ,"call me oz okay?" Oz smiled. Gil blushed and just noddedd to flustered to say anything ,"good!" Oz laughed then ran forward ,"you're coming right? cuz if you don't" Oz's voice got deeper as he leaned in ,"the wild cat will get you..." He said evilly,"GYAAH!" Gil jumped back. Ozs voice got all high-pitched and normal again ,"okay?" Oz smiled and helped Gil up. Gil was still trembling ,"aw I scared you didn't know you were so afraid of cats..." Gil sighed 'have you ever seen me with Dinah?' Gil thought he remembered all those times when Dinah would come in and curl around his leg and how freaked out he would get and how he would just hide in a corner when ever that cat is around 'oh of course he doesn't remember...' Gil sighed once more then ran after Oz. Gil stopped when he saw Oz with a small bunny ,"aww how cute!" Gil thought realizing he wasn't staring at the bunny,but Oz. Gil blushed then forced himself to look at the bunny. Gil would peek over at Ozs happy face his eyes glowing with love for the little bunny ,"Hey Gil this bunny remind me of you! it's black and it has pretty eyes!" Oz said. Gil blushed at his description ,"I wanna keep it!" Oz smiled and cuddled the bunny. Gil smiled 'finally an animal that won't scare me half to death when ever he enters the room' Gil smiled then sat next to Oz and petted the bunny as it cuddled closer to Ozs chest ' you feel the same way i do maybe you are like me...' Gil thought. Oz got up the bunny still in his arms' i think you are a bit luckier than i am though' Gil thought then laughed at himself ,"hm? Gil what are you laughing at?" Oz asked his eyes filled with curiousity ,"nothing" Gil blushed,yet smiled.
,"pleeeaaassseeee!!!!!!" Oz begged once more ," pleeasseee Oscar-sama!" Oz pleaded. Oscar looked at Oz then Dinah. Dinah was hissing at the bunny and the bunny was clinging to Ozs chest for dear life. Gil was trying to hide from Dinah too but clinging on to Oz would be too embarassing. Oz put his arm around his shoulder and placed his hand on Gils shoulder ,"Gil wants him too and anyway it would be good for there to be a nice pet for him!" Oz said holding Gil closer. Gil was flustered'was he doing this for me' Gil decided not to think right now he was never this close to Oz before. Gil closed his eyes as the bunny hopped onto Gils head Oz let go then laughed ,"See Oscar-sama that's pure love right there!" Oz smiled. Gil blushed,"oh is it?" Oscar asked laughing ,"well then fine but keep him away from dinah, she'll scare him half to death!" Gil picked up the bunny off his head then smiled ,"hey! i kind of like you!" Gil smiled. Oz came up to gil ,"he's so cute isn't he! he really does take after you in every way! He's even afraid of cats!" Oz smiled ,"what should we name him?" Gil stared at the bunny 'it's me and Oz's pet we get to take care of a pet together!' Gil thought then blushed ,"aah..." Gil thought as  hard as he could but it was kind of hard with Oz right there breathing down his neck ,"uhmm....Johnny!" Gil said 'first name that comes to mind hope he doesn't think it's idiotic' Gil thought then he blushed realizing how close Oz was ,"whoa!" Gil jumped back. Oz looked confused ,"what is it?" Oz asked his tone was filled with concern. Gil blushed 'how embarassing to be thinking so dirty! im horrible!' Gil thought ,"ah! it's nothing just got shocked for a moment!" gil smiled nervously. Oz looked at him ,"oh alright" Gil sighed 'why must i get nervous when ever you near me...' Gil thought.
Oz and Gil were on the couch ,"johnny will sleep with me tonight!" Oz smiled ,"I found him!" Gil stared at the bunny ' you lucky little rabbit' he thought. the rabbit jumped out of Ozs arms and jumped on to the table and hopped around exploring ,"haha! guess he doesn't understand his surroundings yet!" Oz laughed. Gil smiled and blushed lightly his laugh was so cute and he wish he could make him laugh and smile more 'the only times i make him laugh is when im getting tortured by Dinah...' Gil thought ,"why me..." Gil whimpered quietly to himself. Oz ran over and came back with Johnny in his hands stroking his soft fur. Gil blushed 'if only...NO what am I thinking' Gil blushed a deeper red. Oz put down the bunny ,"Gil you seem sick!" Oz walked over and put his soft hand on Gils forehead  and his other on his leg to keep him balanced ,"Oz..uhmm!no im fine!" Gil said blushing like crazy. Oz looked ,"but you're all warm maybe i should let you rest?" Oz said as he tried to pick up gil but failed ,"ha! uhm maybe you should just stay on the couch..." Oz laughed then put a blanket over him. Gil lay there looking at oz sit beside him. He was really fine and was perfectly healthy but he liked Oz there sitting beside him so he decided to let him stay there and lay down for a while.
Gil woke up to feel arms wrapped around him ,"Oz?"Gil mumbled then saw Ozs beautiful sleeping face, his messy blonde hair was enchanting gil blushed ,"ah! Oz?" Johnny was right beside him cuddling into his back Oz smiled up at Gil for he was cuddled up into his chest ,"oh you're awake i guess you just werent feeling well last night I didn't just wanna leave you there so I decided to sleep here..." Oz still looked tired as he cuddled a bit more into Gils chest ,"ah!" Gil was dieing of embarassment and love right now. Oz lifted his face as if pleading for something then he pushed himself up to where Gils face was and kissed Gils cheek then went to bed once more ," still tired" Oz closed his eyes then fell asleep. Gil blushed 'I can't go to sleep like this..." Gil got up and placed the blanket around Oz then calmed down and smiled," I love you Oz..." he said outloud ,"hn?" Oz was still awake and was just resting . Gil blushed then walked away ,"ah it's nothing" Oz felt a hand grab on to his shirt and smiled ," I love you too,Gil" Gil blushed and turned towards Oz his face was a little red as he hid most nof it under the blanket to hide his embarassment. Gil smiled and walked over to Oz and sat beside him. Johnny jumped in to Gils lap and they bothed smiled ' I love you more than anyone, Oz' he thought'you are my world' then he layed down next to oz and hugged him as they both fell asleep.
Gil is young in this one this is before the Abyss happened. I enjoyed writing this one so hope you enjoy!
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AnimePeep33 Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Student General Artist
too cute. >3<
potatopanda16 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
That is adorable!!!! :D
anikiani Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2010
Aw, now are you jealous of the rabbit, Gil? =D
MisterAngryPenguin Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2010
I think out of all your awesome fanfics this is my fav
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MsMikaSnow Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
thank you ^.^ if you would like check out my other ozbert stories!. and yes ozbert does rule the world! Same with Teito and Frau ! :3
narutofox26 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
your welcome, so true XD they do rule the world and i will see the rest of them ^^
Ashla Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
That was adorable! <3
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